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Bruynzeel storage systems Ltd, based in UK, is Europe’s leading designer and manufacturer of innovative storage solutions for offices, archives, museums and libraries, education, retail and healthcare.  We believe in cooperation, and that’s why we work closely with interior designers, office innovators and also with our clients, such as Adecco, Bosch, Deloitte, E.on, Kellogg’s and Siemens. Spacefulness offers intelligent, space-saving solutions that always forms part of the bigger picture. We offer multifunctionality and flexibility – perfectly tailored to your needs and working style.

By choosing Bruynzeel, you choose guaranteed quality and durability. The Bruynzeel manufacturing plant is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified.

In fact, we are confident we can supply the best solution for anyone with a storage need.


Bruynzeel Storage Systems high-density systems will have a solution for you.

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bruynzeel storage systems

Why choose bruynzeel storage systems?

WIN 50% office space

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clean desk policy



Easy cleaning



10 years warranty

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