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Alea is an Italian contract furniture manufacturing company established in 1973. It’s a family owned and operated business made up of several departments in one Global Headquarters in Sarone, Province of Pordenone, Northern Italy – one hour north of Venice. Alea’s North American Headquarters is Miami, Florida USA since 2001.

Alea thrives on its manufacturing agility, it is set up for orders large or small nimble enough to produce and deliver complete and on time with perfection at every turn. Its ability to partner with sister companies makes volume orders a non-issue.

Alea has a truly global footprint, its products can be seen all over the world, with its own showrooms in Italy and NYC as well as dealer supported internationally. In more than 90 countries it has a presence.

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100% Italian

Modern & Robust

Ecologically friendly



UNI EN ISO 14001

FSC® …

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