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Choosing Bruynzeel mean choosing guaranteed quality and durability.
Nowadays, m² in office space is a big budget, WIN 50% office space over traditional storage cupboards. An office innovation that saves you energy and maintains your competitive edge.Mobile office cabinets from Bruynzeel Storage Systems save valuable floor space by centralizing office storage through the reduction of walking space and aisles. All documents and personal belongings remain within easy reach, while optimising the use of existing office space.
Modular: All successful business starts from small beginnings, so it’s important that our systems are modular and can be added to as your business expands. Moving to a new building? The cabinets can move with you.
New build or retrofit: The multifunctional unit can be added to new office spaces as well as retrofitted in existing buildings. In new offices, we advise customers to sink aluminum profile rails in the fresh concrete floor as it is laid. When retrofitting an existing office space, a false floor is used. This floor can be finished with a laminate or flooring to match the existing floor.
Operation: Our mobile office cabinet can be equipped with either a hand wheel or a touchscreen control panel. Controls can be added to one end of the cabinet only, for example if it is situated against a wall, or on both ends if the unit sits in the middle of the office space. It is possible to convert a hand-cranked system to a touchscreen control panel at a later date. The touch screen panel can be coupled to RFID tags for secure access.
Security: A hand-cranked manual system can be locked with a built-in lock (Euro Lock) located in the last mobile cabinet. Electronic systems can be protected by a PIN code, per aisle, and RFID tag, the latter having the option of remote control via a computer network or a time lock.
Safety:In order to protect the contents, the cabinets start and stop without sudden vibrations, or changes in speed. In the aisles, photocells will detect any goods left behind. In the event that there’s something in the aisles, the cabinet will automatically stop when it meets resistance.
Look: (Outside) Our mobile office cabinet is available in various colors and materials to ensure you get the right environment for your workplace. In addition to a wide range of wood, steel and glass panels, the cabinet can be finished with a graphic of your choice.
(Inside): Our multifunctional mobile cabinet has a range of applications. Traditional archive shelving can be alternated with lockers, wardrobes, coat rails, or even a kitchen. On the exterior of the cabinets, there is room for a workstation or a coffee nook. Do you have specific storage needs for the interior of your office hub? Bruynzeel Storage Systems will happily convert your idea into a workable solution.

The Bruynzeel manufacturing plant is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified.

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