WalterKnoll | living landscape 755


Walter Knoll – creating living space for more than 150 years.
Masterly handcrafted products with fine materials in Germany.


Living with a 360-degree perspective, the perfect setup to be in the middle of the zone!

Living Landscape 755 modifies a space, it’s a sofa landscape with which our perspective of life can change direction. It not only opens up the area in front of but also behind the sofa, thus widening our views. To the lake, the fireplace, the people at our side.

Living Landscape 755 is the comfort zone for everyone and everything. One person might be reading, another gazing at the landscape outside, while a third person works. Independently from one another, but close enough to be together. Just right.

Living Landscape 755 flexibly fits into a room without taking over – living room, loft, open space. With a clear shape, solid and stable. Expertly created in perfect craftsmanship from the upholstery to the seams.

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